Bayter Romero Federico

Bayter Romero Federico

Sacré Coeur 2014 huile sur toile 150 x 200 cm



Bayter Romero Federico was born in Santa Fé, Bogotà, Colombia in 1981. He studied at the Beaux-Arts in Brera, Milan.

Bayter Federico, in his often large paintings, experiments with the synthesis between the rigor of architectural design and the freedom of a brush. Urban landscapes are revealed as emptied of the human element, but throbbing with a hidden life that makes buildings and roads glow: powerful emanations of energy that condense, just above, in the rain-filled sky. often on the verge of bursting or suddenly tearing apart revealing oceans of light. He begins with the drawings “the project drawing”, rapid signs, tangle of lines that reinvent the perception of cities, streets and buildings. His penchant for monochrome drawing and his predilection for darker tones, other characteristic elements of Federico Bayter’s painting, contribute to projecting his paintings towards a dimension of reverie while at the same time populating them with oddly real shadows.


2016  London.                Federico Romero Bayter, Hay Hill Gallery.
2015  Ferrara.               Fine Art Mazzacurati.
2014  Paris.                 Extérieurs, Sifrein Galerie.
2014  Brixen.                Vette urbane, Kompatscher Art Gallery.
2014  Reggio Emilia.         Percezione#Paesaggio, RezArte Contemporanea.
2014  Saint Pétersbourg.     Exposition collective Galerie K
2013  Saint Pétersbourg.     Exposition Ermitage-Palais des gravures et dessins
2013  Torino.                A Torino, Dajago Magazzino culturale.
2013  London.                Olimpia Art Fair.
2012  Genova.                Pintura, Galleria R. Rotta Farinelli.
2012  Bilbao.                Grabados, F.I.G  International Fair of grabados.
2011  Milano.                Caprichos, Galleria Federico Rui.
2011  Venezia.               54°Esposizione d’Arte Internazionale Biennale di Venezia.
2010  Genova.                Tecnica mixta, Galleria R.Rotta Farinelli.
2010  Milano.                Museo della Scienza.
2010  Varese                 Estructura azul, Galleria Ghiggini.
2009  Genova.                L’Arte contemporanea incontra la dimora storica, Spinola.
2009  Genova.                Dibujos y pinturas, Galleria R. Rotta Farinelli.
2009  Piacenza               Amaneceres.De Bayter, Nuovo Spazio
2008  Genova.                Arts Expo Fair.
2007  Varese.                Laberintos de soledad, Galleria Ghiggini.
2007  Genova.                Genova, Galleria R. Rotta Farinelli.
2006  Milano.                Premio Ricas.
2005  Milano.                Premio Accademia Brera Palazzo Permanente.
2004  Milano.                Premio Arte Industriale Palazzo Triennale.
2003  Milano.                Hélios Arts Award.
2002  Milano.                San Fedele Gallery.


CantiereI 2014,huile sur toile,150x200cm


Milano,huile sur toile,130x190cm


S-T, huile sur toile, 130x180cm


S-T, huile sur toile, 130x180cm


Lumière, 2015, huile sur toile, 130x160cm


Opera, huile sur toile, 130x180cm


Pintura numero 4, huile sur toile, 150x200cm


Pintura numero 5, huile sur toile, 130x180cm


Pintura numero 6, huile sur toile, 130x180cm


Cantiere 1, huile sur toile, 150x200cm


El cielo de Paris, huile sur toile, 130x190cm


Gorgiera, technique mixte sur papier, 70x50cm


Monello, technique mixte sur papier, 100x70cm


Opera, huile sur toile, 130x180cm


Cantiere, huile sur toile, 200x200cm


Sacré Cœur, huile sur toile, 150x200cm


Volando sobre Paris, huile sur toile, 200x150cm

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