Manier Yannick

Manier Yannick

Quartet novembre 2017 huile sur toile 162 x 130 cm



After having looked at his work several times with interest and pictorial emotion, here are a few words to ask, to propose, to place at the foot of this universe that we touch with our eyes, that he gives us to look at and in which he reflects himself

His work is like a mirror reflecting both the interior and the physical and carnal envelope of the composer of life trajectory lines. The precise lines revolve around the human, protecting it, framing it, giving it a pedestal emphasizing the essential. Drawn in by the force lines of the drawing, the passer-by shares the inspiration of the painter from the heights. Yannick Manier has left our terrestrial shores with their elements and their codes to travel in a world only accessible to the soul of poet-artists. In this galactic elsewhere, this ideal place, the painter evolves with heart and open body. He discovers himself as much as he discovers. This sacred place, where the universe dances, collects the treasures of civilizations given then abandoned on the path of ancient and modern times. Aesthetics, beauty, love finally swim in complete freedom. The bodies are kneaded there of the essential, brought back to their fruitful vitality, concentrated of force. Everything is there with a mechanical and romantic precision wrapped in colors that sing harmony.

Yannick Manier then becomes a ferryman opening the windows of his fragile and graceful interior.

Christophe Aveline


Devant le lac, huile sur toile, 195x130cm


La nue et la lune, 2014, huile sur toile, 130x195cm


les deux soeurs huile sur toile 146x114cm


Le groupe, 2013, huile sur toile, 114x146cm


L’ange, 2014, huile sur toile, 146x114cm

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